Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Empties Till Now - A sorrowful Goodbye - Part 1

It's one of the saddest feeling to throw away your favourite products , even if they are empty. I get used to certain products and tends to keep the empty bottles for long with me saying I will recycle it��. But today I have decided to do throw them away with a heavy heart ... Hheheeee ��. This I decided to do this post, in fond memory of my favorites and for some just happened products.

Personal Hygiene and care products : 

•  Dove nourishing beauty shower  revive - pomegranate & lemon verbena scent : 

This  smells too good, but doesn't last long. I am not so fond of it, and I will not be repurchasing it. May be I will try new product in same range.

•. Nivea power fruit relaxing shower gel  blue berry & acai berry scent: 

I love. Love love this product. It's so smoothing and very berry smell and the smell lasts long. I am definitely gonna re- buy this.

•. Saforelle intimate wash : 

This is a must have product for me. I  make sure to keep this one in my shower always. Review coming up soon.

•. Dove damage therapy daily care 2 in 1 shampoo for normal hair :

This is my most trusted everyday shampoo, I already purchased new bottle. Should I say more now??

Dhatri dandruff oil: 

I love Dhatri products. I think they are really effective. But I am not a fan off this one. I will not be buying it anymore . But definitely I will buy normal Dhatri hair oil, which really helped in growing my hair.

Beauty and skin care products :

•  St. Ives apricot scrub brightening:

                I love St. Ives scrubs,and this one is also not an exception, I will definitely repurchase it and for sure will review it also.

•  Boots cucumber whitening cleansing lotion :

       I love boots products, they are pretty decent for the price, but this one I am not a fan of, I will skip this.

 L'oreal hydra - total 5 facial wash :
        This is good face wash, it cleans your face and doesn't make your skin dry, remember I have combination skin, I may buy it again or I will try new products,didn't decide yet.

•  Body Shop tea tree face mask :

  I love love love this face pack, it cleans your face and freshens you up. I feel even lifts your mood. Definitely a must buy for me. I highly recommend this for people with blemished skin, it does wonder. I will revive it later on.

•  Jolen creme bleach mild formula + aloe Vera :

 This is one of the must have product in my stash. I am a person with facial hairs, and I prefer to bleach them rather than any other methods available. Normal Jolen bleach is considered to be super heavy on skin, but this one is mild and with aloe vera, it does less harm to your skin ( I won't say it doesn't harm your skin at all, that's insane, after all it's a chemical). I use it once in a month to feel good look beautiful. I will repurchase it soon .

Beauty products : 

•  Dove beauty cream :

   This is the moisturizer which I had used /seen since childhood. So if you ask me for normal moisturizer  I will say Dove without any second thought. I will buy this one again, it's cheap but does it's work, I feel happy to see it on my dressing table.

•  The body shop tea tree oil :
             I can't live without this product ( at least for few years I hope :) ). I had already reviewed it HERE , check it out for more info.

•  No7 protect & perfect intense eye cream :

       This is a good night cream from No7, but i guess its pretty expensive for a drugstore skin care product. I may try something else for that price , QR 120 ( INR 1500 approx).

•  Nivea daily comfort deo roll on :

         It a good deo. But I will not be buying it, my friend told me we should avoid direct application of spray/ perfume/deo to our skin it may cause breast cancer , it seems the skin in our armpit is very sensitive. It's personal choice, but somehow i decided to avoid. 

•  The bodyshop moisture foundation SPF 15 :

 I like this foundation, but I like mineral foundation from TBS more and I have it already so I will not be buying this again.

Maxfactor under eye concealer :

This is an okay okay concealer, I will skip this. anyways I have my L'oreal BB nude magique concealer which i had used here, i love it, will review soon, check it out HERE.

 L'oreal UV protect SPF 50 :

   I literally live with it, already bought new tube. Reviewed HERE

•  The bodyshop moisture white shiso night treatment : 

 I love this night cream, started using new tub since 2 days, please find review HERE

•  The bodyshop tea tree spot blemish corrector :

 I was very upset with this, not at all good. Don't buy this.

•  Body fantasies body spray - freesia fantasy : 

I love this body spray/ mist, it was different varieties to chose from, I am addicted to this, I currently using another variety from the same range, will review soon.

So, that's it, I bid goodbye to all of them with a promise to some of them to see them again and rest it's Adios from me. This is also a opening for other products..hhehehheeeee....:)

Stay Happy & Beautiful

TC & With Love,

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  1. this post made me curious about the dhatri oil hehe.. never heard of it before but sound great! :)